China Shopping Guidelines

Several destinations in China, is actually a paradise for shoppers. What helps make shopping in Guizhou specific, would be the items obtainable for obtain. This stuff are only available inside the local and nowhere else on this planet. Guizhou is house into a significant inhabitants of ethnic minority teams, as well as their cultures and customs have remained reasonably unchanged for centuries. Their arts and handicrafts are exquisite and remarkably very affordable. Aside from minority handicrafts, the province also provides one of a kind things these types of as Chinese renowned Maotai alcohol and fantastic teas.

What to obtain

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Maotai Liquor

By far the most famed alcohol in China, Maotai’s special taste is appreciated by everyone from businessmen, to leaders of point out. A go to to Guizhou without sampling Maotai is just not finish.


The teas in the region are very unique. Guizhou provides several of the best green teas in China. Right until not too long ago, some teas weren’t regarded outside the province as the most effective teas were being drunk via the locals. Word is spreading in regards to the top quality of Guizhou’s teas and they’re getting to be sought after by tea connoisseurs throughout the country and round the globe.


The ethnic minorities of Guizhou are well known for his or her silverworks. They consider silver can be a image of purity and luck. They will change silver into jewelry, medallions, ornate headdresses, and simple equipment. The silverworks are covered with stunning models that are intended to bring good luck to the owner. The capital of Guizhou, Guiyang is a great place to buy minority silver merchandise.


The lusheng is a musical instrument special into the Dong and Miao ethnic minority teams. The instrument is actually a reeded organ built solely of bamboo. Its one of a kind sound is lively, and number of who hear it and find out it performed are unsuccessful to generally be enchanted by it.

Yuping Flute

The Yuping Flute originated in Yuping Dong Autonomous County of Guizhou. The flute provides a historical past of a lot more than 300 yrs. Traditionally the flute is embellished with stunning landscapes and depictions of animals. The flute was so revered, that it absolutely was presented as tribute to the emperor during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

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