Points to complete in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of my favourite cities inside the planet. I grew up there from age eight to 18 and have lived inside the Bay Location off and on for a number of years due to the fact. I in no way get tired of it!

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San Francisco is a world-famous city situated on the Pacific Coast in northern California. It lies around the northern tip of a peninsula which runs along the west side from the San Francisco Bay. Towards the north of San Francisco lies the Golden Gate, a narrow stretch of seawater separating the city from Marin County. The Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco to Marin. For the west lies the Pacific Ocean and for the south lies South San Francisco and Daly City.

San Francisco features a enormous Asian population. Several of them moved to Chinatown about 100 years ago, located downtown. Chinatown has lots of fantastic restaurants and “schlock shops”. The a lot more current Chinese immigrants moved additional west, towards the Richmond and Sunset districts close to the ocean.

San Francisco has two substantial parks, Golden Gate Park plus the Presidio. Till a handful of years ago, the Presidio was an army base – now it’s a national historic park. The Presidio is filled with Eucalyptus trees, which were imported from Australia inside the 19th century to produce railroad tracks. When located unsuitable for this task, they had been planted rather. Golden Gate Park can also be fairly attractive. On Sunday some of the roads via the park are closed off for bikers and roller skaters.

One particular of my favorite parts of San Francisco would be the Embarcadero, which lies on the northeast corner from the city. Some years ago, an ugly freeway there was torn down, now providing a spectacular view on the Bay Bridge along with the East Bay. The Embarcadero has a huge shopping center with 4 buildings. 1 can stroll along a walkway by means of all of the buildings and previous many modern sculptures.

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