Versailles Palace

Considering that its construction before the 4th – 5th century, the Palace of Versailles is definitely an emblem of energy, dominance and entertainment with the French monarchy. From then until now this amazing castle is regarded as one with the most attractive royal palaces, not merely in France but in addition in Europe. Versailles Palace was built in location of the prior hunting lodge in today’s rich suburb of Paris – Versailles. It is actually situated within the western suburbs of the French capital, about 17.1 kilometers in the center of Paris.

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For any small greater than a century, from 1682 to 1789 Versailles was the capital from the French Kingdom along with the outstanding Palace of Versailles is centrally located for the French rulers. The name of this castle is connected mainly with the management of Louis XIV – the Sun King.


The building was appointed by the king himself in 1661 using the chief architect Louis Le Vaud. Instantly following, the Versailles Palace acquired important frames, the operate of architect Le Vaud is famous everywhere for his innovative construction and aesthetic strategy.

The second phase of the building began in 1668 which opened the second phase of Versailles Palace. The new buildings are constructed around the throne space. The following stage from the castle requires about ten years along with the price of labor incorporated practically 30, 000 craftsmen and construction workers. Just after developing the palace the Sun King moved his headquarters from Paris to Versailles.

The facade from the castle is about 576 meters lengthy and is wealthy with enormous wonderful park gardens that are utilized by the monarch for lavish parties and drinking. The garden location occupies a total of 101 hectares of Versailles Palace and are scattered along water facilities. The entire complicated was also decorated with 400 sculptures. Built on the orders of Louis XIII, Lebedov fountain was renovated in 1671 and was turned into a Fountain of Apollo.

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The whole sculpture was built by lead and was gold plated which represents the god seated within a chariot in which 4 fiery horse harness. In the outbreak of your French Revolution, the palace suffered substantial harm but was partially recovered partially.


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